“I think I can speak on behalf of our entire NBC Sports team to say thank you for your incredible VO performances throughout these playoffs. You were always there when we needed you, especially during the weekends! You were an incredible teammate. We cannot thank you enough” Andrew Millard – NBC Sports

“I speak for not only myself, but the other producers & mixers…you’ve continued to make our job easy when you know exactly what to give us and you’ve always been so professional, eager, and willing every step of the way when we work with you, so thank YOU Rider!” – Dana Walker – The CW Network

“We wanted to take a moment as we close out the year and thank you for sharing your talents with the Rangers again. This year we got to tackle some new TV and radio approaches that would not have succeeded without your skills and careful attention to the words and tone of the ad. We are excited to have you be a part of our marketing efforts and we look forward to what comes next in 2022 – because we know with you at the mic, we’re in a great place!” Tim Johnston – Texas Rangers

“The Planters Peanut clients are thrilled with how everything came out so thank you again for always being the go-to-guy for us!” Jesse Hughes – Vayner Media

“When I first learned Rider was available in Nashville, I knew instantly that he was the right person to be the next voice for 104.5 The Zone. His ability to adapt to various different reads and styles truly put Rider into an elite class.” Paul Mason – Program Director 104.5 The Zone Nashville

“Thanks again for a terrific narration session – and looking forward to working with you on many more.” Rahki Varma – National Geographic

“Just wanted to say I love the sound of the stuff you’ve sent so far, exactly what we want, thank you! Our new rock team has 3 of us. I had each one of us comb Benztown independently and jot down favorites, male or female.
Each of us ended up with a list of 9 (incidentally), various artists, only one common on all 3 individual lists-that was you! And each of us said you were a personal favorite of all. Just wanted to share how we got to you. I’m beyond pleased :)” Paula Sangeleer – On Air Talent/Director of Rock Programming

“Thanks for making me look good!!” Jared Horowitz – Egg Men New York

“The sound is dead-on target.. the service is even better!” – Bill Hess ESPN 630 Washington D.C.

“Your range, versatility and understanding of what clients are looking for are spot on.” – Dianne Darlington Sun Spots Productions

“Rider brings that elusive combination of rock attitude with a very genuine delivery. Having his voice on the air is like adding an additional personality to our line-up. تحميل كتب pdf  He gives WAAF a larger-than-life presentation that cuts through and stands out in a world that too often settles for average…and we couldn’t be happier to have him on our team!” – Joe Calgaro WAAF Boston

“He was absolutely wonderful and he impressed, charmed and entertained everyone on our team. The ease of making changes, and especially his input on how something could be read or re-worded……it was just a great session all around.” – Larry Hart – Ryder Trucking Company

“Rider is one of those rare talents that becomes immersed in the stations’ DNA. His unique voice and interpretation of the brand imaging have made him the most recognized talent on the station. .” – Keith Clarke Stover – Program Director Midlands Radio Group 94.3 The Dude

“Just wanted to say thanks for elevating the thing we do, with that thing you do. So glad we’ve got THIS going on.
It’s like we wrote it just for you.” – Patrick Iadipaolo – GTB Agency
“Quite simply, I love Rider’s range. He has that big, ballsy delivery that I was looking for on V100, and he still gets the emotion in there. From humor to heartfelt, to in-your-face rock and roll – I really hear all of that when I listen to him.” – Amber Lee – Operations Manager V100 Topeka

“Rider’s chops are the perfect complement to any sports talk station. He heightens the anticipation for what listeners should expect is coming next…” – Bryan Hollenbaugh General Manager Albany Broadcasting Company

“Rider’s voice took our Houston Astros Post Season Spot to the next level. He takes time to really understand the project at hand and delivers top-quality work. Rider is fantastic to work with and exemplifies true professionalism”. – Chris Wenk – Houston Astros

“Rider was a pleasure to work with and an absolute talent! There’s something about him that is sort of catching fire right now.“ – Eric J. Mintz – Development Coordinator ITV Studios America

“Awesome job on this session (as always)! Props to you Rider for making the best fucking rock imaging in the world! Bad ass!!” – Jay Turner – Program Director/Afternoon HostKXFM

“Just a quick thanks for doing such a great job and being such a pleasure to work with, your voice worked wonderfully on the pilot, you elevated it many levels.” Stephen Pettinger – Our House Media

“It’s so insanely cool hearing our words coming out of your mouth Rider. BEAUTIFUL.” – Dave Noll – Keller Noll Media

“Have I told you how much I appreciate what you do? It’s obvious that you add your own personal touch, dropping verbiage, adding verbiage – and just making this station sound KILLAH! I just totally respect what you do and I never have to worry about the final product because I know you’ll always make it kick ass.”- Larry Leblanc- Brand Manager 103.3 US Country

“Thank you Rider!! You are a total pro!” – Neil Regan – Zodiak USA

“It was a pleasure working with Rider this season and I look forward to more in the future!” – Kevin Fay – Senior Producer Orion Entertainment

“Great Voice! Great Person! Great to work with!“ KCSG-TV

“Direct hit man, I am so happy to have found you. Your work is perfect.” – ReaderViews

“Working with Rider was a pleasure! He is a flexible, proactive, versatile voice-over pro.” – Instruxion Belgium

“Both my team, and the San Diego Chargers loved the spots you’ve done! Awesome work, awesome editing!“ – The Mth Degree

“Thanks again for the GREAT read – it was dead on. Looking forward to working with you again soon.” – AFL Marketing

“I highly recommend him. His voice is great. He can do several different styles. He got me the audio files promptly and they were very high quality. I would work with him again.” – Daws Brothers Productions

“We are super excited to launch 95 and 96.1 the rock. It’s the only rock station in our community and we couldn’t have picked a better partner to represent our brand than Rider. I’ve been in radio 12 years and he is by far the best voice over talent I have ever worked with. His delivery and passion comes through in very take and his turnaround is super FAST! He knows my copy better than I do and I love how many varieties and options he gives me on the stuff I send. Usually I end up going with a take where he changes the phrasing to make it work much better than what is on the page. We know that with Rider as our voice talent 95 and 96-1 the rock will be a successful brand for years to come”- Keith Heisler Program Director 95 and 96-1 The Rock Fond du Lac Wisconsin