Go Ahead And Judge – #202

The great speaker, author, purveyor of positive thinking and fellow radio man Earl Nightingale once said, “When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.” So be honest, how much time do you spend each day judging other people’s work and behaviors compared to your own?  I’m going to guess you spend more time on them than you do focused on you which just sounds silly doesn’t it?  You are the only person that’s going to ultimately determine the level of success you have in life.  So I guess my point is if you’re going to waste the time and mental energy on the process of judgement you should do it on yourself first.

Recently, I watched my son win a school speech competition.  My turn to be honest.  I didn’t think he was going to win.  He didn’t speak as loud as the loudest kid.  He didn’t have charisma of the most personable kid.  He didn’t stand as tall as the most confident kid.  For all those reasons I thought silently to myself that he probably wouldn’t place in the top three.  Yet he won the thing!!!  I was so proud and excited for my son and also a little confused.  How did he win?  Why did he win?

The answer came later when his teacher was giving me directions to the next level of competition at the county level and also handed me the judges score card so Ryleigh could work on the parts of his speech he scored the weakest on.  Turns out charisma and body language were not even part of the judging process and volume only a small portion.  Material choice, use of language, audience bond, pronunciation, articulation, speed and effective conclusion were what the judges were to be looking for.  He excelled at all of those.

I took away two things from this experience.  First, was that in the business world it’s a pretty good thing to know how you’re most likely going to be judged?  Like at a voiceover session you’re going to be judged on your appearance, your performance, your ability to establish a rapport with the creatives, your ability to take direction etc.  So instead of judging outwardly.  During a session be more cognizant of how you’re scoring inwardly and make adjustments accordingly.

The second takeaway is that it might also be a good thing to come up with a little scorecard for everything you do that’s important, like auditions.  Instead of whipping it off and hitting send.  Run it through your own personal Judging Sheet first like the one below from the 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Contest.  Here’s my new one:

  1. Style or delivery choice (does it match the audition specs)
  2. Pacing (am I using the appropriate pacing for the message)
  3. Editing (did I edit it to sound like an actual broadcast ready spot)
  4. Believability and sincerity (do I believe the words I’m hearing me say)
  5. Homework(did I take the time to understand the script and make smart choices)

I’m going to give myself a maximum of 5 points per category and if I don’t score at least a 20 out of 25 I’m not going to hit send because I’m not going to get the job.  Although this is something we all do unconsciously, I wonder if taking it to a conscious level will change my booking rate?  Ill let you know.

What else do you think is important enough to add to the above list.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and judgments 🙂



4-h Tropicana Public Speaking Judging Sheet – Rider Voice Over

Go Ahead And Judge – #202

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