Voice Over & Lessons in Loyalty

Loyalty is a quality we all look for in the people we associate with. Google defines it as a strong feeling of allegiance or support.   I am extremely loyal to my friends, family, agents and clientele and I expect the same in return.

This week I learned that loyalty can actually hurt your chances of success if you don’t first recognize and respect other people’s allegiance before taking action. One of my agents sent out an audition to be the voice of a major sports team’s commercial campaign for the next season. My read and experience fit the requested specs perfectly since I already voice another team in the same league. It’s a no brainer I thought. How can I make their decision even easier? How about I have my agent send them a reel of all the commercials I’ve done for that other team! That’s a great idea, right?

Wrong. My agent sent the stuff over and was promptly told that the client didn’t even want to hear my audition. But….but….but nothing ya idiot(I’m talking to myself here) have your forgotten how fierce the rivalry is between these two teams? Have you forgotten that they’re in the same division and you’re basically asking the creative to watch videos of the team that beat them handily for the last 2 years in a row and knocked them out of the playoffs? Water boarding them probably would’ve been less painful.   Do I fault them? No way. I would’ve done the same thing because of my loyalty.

Wish I could jump in a time machine and go back a few days and just auditioned for the job.   Instead I will just add this to my never ending book of lessons learned by this industry that I am so loyal to.

For the record I can’t wait till my team takes them down again this year too!

What was your lesson in loyalty?  Love to hear about it.


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Voice Over & Lessons in Loyalty