Voice Over – Is A Pain In the…  #203

Back when I was a kid I had aspirations of playing in the NFL. I was a starting tackle for both the offense and defense of my high school football team. Well that career path changed in my junior year when I got crunched between a couple of guys and herniated several discs in my back.

Fast-forward a few years.   Not too many though because I don’t really want you to know that I’m 46 years old. Wait? Anyway, for the last few months I’ve been getting this nagging pain in my low back. Not a shooting “oh my God Im hurt pain” but more like a something’s not right pain.   At first I thought I’d strained it or hurt it while working out because like many,  I’d started the new year with a resolution to get in better shape.

Three weeks later I still felt it and it didn’t make sense. Id been taking it easy. Stretching, icing and doing light yoga.  Why isn’t this getting better?

Then one day while doing some editing I realized that I was looking at the screen on a slight angle. That’s strange I thought to myself and went about my work.   The next day I noticed myself doing the same thing when all of the sudden it clicked. Either my desk chair or the floor in my studio is jacked up!

So I go out to the garage, get a level and come up check out how level I am when I’m sitting in my chair. Turns out Im totally out of wack. Next I push the chair out of the way and put the level on the floor of my whisper room.   Left side of the of 8.5 x 7 room is level. Other half slants down and away to the right by almost a quarter inch.

Guess what side all my back pain’s been on??? Yup the right!

Thought sharing this could help considering 80% of people will deal with back issues at work according to Forbes. And according to Ergo Web we can increase our productivity by up to 25% just by getting the ergonomics correct.

Needless to say as soon as I corrected the floor level issue by adding a thin wood layer and some thick rubber matting I had leftover from a sound proofing project I literally felt the pain disappear.

Happy, healthy discs to you and yours,

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Voice Over – Is A Pain In the… #203